We Help Businesses Save Time & Money By Automating Their Daily Repetitive Tasks.

Unlock the future of efficiency by minimizing human error and slashing business expenses.

Our team of experts crafts bespoke API automations, designed to blend seamlessly with your daily applications, elevating your business operations to new heights.

It’s time to experience the competitive edge you’ve been seeking!

The Average Business Can Remove Up To 40% Of Daily Tasks With Intuitive Automations

By implementing workflow automations, you can significantly reduce manual business tasks, transforming them into automated and connected processes to streamline your operations.


Minimize Manual Data Entry & Remove User Error Via Integrated Automations.

API Automations remove mundane and time consuming tasks, Tek Connected Automation Workflows can produce ROI revenue from day 1.

Connect your current tech stack from Slack to Asana, Quickbooks to Salesforce & Much More…

We will custom build your automation workflow, regardless of the platforms you use on a daily basis.

Visualize everything,
then bring it to life.

Firstly we help map out the whole of your current daily activities that can be automated, so we have a wide shot of your whole business, then we get to work.

From Low-Code No-Code To Custom Solutions, We Connect All Of Your Daily Apps Together As One.


Saving N.A.S.A From
Work About Work.

Our Founder worked with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) to demonstrate the seamless integration of diverse technology tools for the enhancement of process efficiency.

By optimizing project workflows and implementing automation, we showed NASA how to empowered the JPL team to concentrate on their fundamental duties, ultimately boosting operational efficiency.

Our Three-Step Process To Succesfully Launching Your New Automation Workflows.


Learning The Full Life Cycle Of Your Day To Day Activities.

The first stage of our process is to understand your business inside out.

During our discovery call, we will start to uncover the software tools your team are using on a daily basis.

From here we create workflow charts to visualize seamless


Custom Automations Are Built & Tested Before Being Integrated into Your Businesses Systems

Understanding your business end-to-end enables us to create workflow automations across different tools for us to test in a demo environment before going live.


Monitoring Analytics To Find Areas For Optimization.

After a successful deployment, we continuously monitor your workflows and automations for errors so we can be reactive in maintaining integrity.

We can manage your workflows on a monthly basis to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Solution Partners With The Best WorkFlow Tool On The Market, Asana

Project Management Software is fast growing in all business sizes as it helps aradicate work about work, saving teams up to 62% of their workday!

As a Solution Partner we have implemented Asana across organizations throughout North America, implementing change management, user adoption and training for a smooth software onboarding experience.

Work With An Asana Consultant

Our Asana Consultant has extensive experience working with US Government departments, including Space Force and NASA.

We understand the unique requirements and workflows of Government and commercial organizations and can provide tailored Asana solutions to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and achieve mission-critical goals. Let us help take your project management to the next level.


Your Expert Team.

Assembled from the best talent in the industry, our team of experts will work closely with your team to ensure the most efficient automations for your business.

With our unwavering support throughout each step of the process until completion, you can rest assured that we will accompany you until the automations successful completion, with us, you’re in safe hands.

TC The Winning Team 2023

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